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Born in Israel, Janiv ORON  lives and works in Basel, Switzerland. Member of the Goldfinger Brothers, performer, composer of electronic music, and active in different formations. Received a master’s degree in Contemporary Arts Practice, Music and Media Art at Hochschule der Künste in Bern (Bern University of Arts). He fosters an independent artistic outlook set within a framework of collective and interdisciplinary working relationships. These experiments result in creations of electronic music. Focussing on the development of timbre and texture, Oron creates exquisite drones, that give an insight in his improvisatory sensibility and dig deep into the potentials of modular synthesis. His sound is unique and ever evolving, quintessentially cosmic. For a good twenty years now, at home and abroad, at DJ battles, club nights, open-airs and parades, as well as catching him over the airwaves. Whizz-kid in a word, he launched several successful party series and had his own show on Radio SRF Virus to boot. In more recent times he also made a name for himself as an electronic music composer for theater music. Indefatigably, he hunts down the listening experience of acousmatic music. 

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copyright Marco Perez
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Michael Anklin was born in 1989. He is a drummer, percussionist, electronic musician, sound designer and producer and collaborates in various bands as well as interdisciplinary projects such as theater, dance and movie. He is one of the founding members of the experimental improvisation band «UFO» and the science-fiction noise band «Liebeslied». Together with Janiv Oron he developed the kinaesthetic sound installation «Moving Sound Sources». Since 2017 he works together with Benjamin Kilchhofer on the project «Kilchhofer Anklin».

In order to expand his sound spectrum, he uses field recordings as well as self-constructed instruments and sound-objects. He is exploring the topic of stretching and bending time as well as the phenomenon of acoustic ambiguous images. He works with the contrasts of chaos and structure in textures of grooves, pulses and rhythms. Besides typical concerts he operates with different live situations such as sound installations, sound sculptures and augmented reality settings. His sound is characterized by frequently prepared acoustic drums, various objects, effects and computer based sound manipulations.

Annabelle Peintre was born in 1983 in France.

She began her career as a professional dancer in 2003 working with the Compania Nacional de Danza under the direction of Nacho Duato ( Madrid, Spain ). Annabelle decided to join the Opera de Lyon ( Lyon, France ) and since 2016, she is part of the ensemble of Ballet Theater Basel. 

The world of a professional dancer is intimately connected with the world of set design. Annabelle had the chance to work in numerous international choreographer’s pieces and it is on this occasion she develops a growing interest for this universe. In 2017, she graduated in Interior Design ( France ).

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copyright  Philipp Klemm
copyright Philipp Klemm

As a self-taught photographer with studio in Luzern, Switzerland,

Philipp Klemm is working passionate between his own artistic work and contract work for agencies and clients.

Philipp Klemm ist specialized for atmospheric coherent corporate photography if for portraits, panoramas or business visuals.

Thanks to his personal résumé and experiences in business-communication and marketing he has a fine flair for people, brands and companies. He always accomplishs to combine the high aesthetic pretentions of his customers with his own highest standards for photographic aesthetics.

His artistic works is often embossed by his personal network to artist, dancers and musicians. It is regularely shown in single or group exhibitions and got internationally recognized and awarded over the past few years.

Since many years Philipp Klemm is a consultant for Canon Switzerland and teaching at Canon Academy Switzerland.

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